So you want to start a makeup kit? Essentials for any new Sephora makeup collection

When I think back to the times before I had my makeup collection. The first word that comes to min is OVERWHELMING. Make up stores like Sephora and Ulta; even the makeup sections of the drug store. There is so much to go through. So many shades, finishes, and types of products. It can really get overwhelming. I walked around those stores like a chicken with my head cut off when I was first experimenting and building my collection. I thought I would write a list. A shopping list. For any new makeup lover to follow and start their kit without the feeling of being in over their head as they walk through any Sephora store.

I just want to start by saying that I DO NOT think you need or would even want to build a full kit at sephora. Not all expensive makeup is the best. Drug stores have some of my favorites that work just as good if not better than my highend products.

Everyone should have the products to create a strong base. Whether their skin is oily/dry, textured, pigmented; The base is the building block for any great makeup look. Eye shadow, mascara, lipsticks. Those are personal preference. But the base is what can make or break a look and take your skin to the next level.The first step whenever I sit down at my vanity is 1.primer. Primer allows your face to turn into a canvas that is ready for art. I think you can not go wrong with the smashbox primerizer. I have said it many times on my blog, and I will say it again! This primer is light and cooling on the skin. It glides over like a dream and leaves my skin looking healthy and happy and ready to accept makeup. Next, is Find a foundation that is comfortable for you. Is it the correct shade? finish? liquid, stick or powder? I am a large fan of liquid foundation. In my opinion they are the easiest to work with and leave my skin looking and feeling its best. When I walk into Sephora, I always head over for a backup of my Too Faced peach perfect foundation. This foundation is a matte formula that does not dry out my skin. It is light enough to keep moisture underneath but matte enough to prevent oil build up. The scent is sweet but not overwhelming and the pump dispenses the perfect amount of product. The base is almost done. All that is left is 3.concealer. This is my favorite step because I have the WORST undereye bags and I love seeing them disappear as I blend. Sephora is home to some of my favorites. The Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. This is a very thick and pigminted formula that blends under my eyes. If you are looking for a natural, or light coverage concealer than this is not for you. This is the real deal. Complete coverage but very light weight.

The next step is cheeks. The fantastic trio. 1.Bronzer. The Becca Sunlit Bronzer, is a formula like no other. Their powder cheek products are some of my favorites. The shade Capri Coast is a warm golden brown that leaves the skin sunkissed but never orange. 2.Blush. When I think of blush, I think of my mom and grandmas makeup kit. They always used to have rosey rouge and blush compacts all over their vanity. My favorite blush formula is the Smashbox LA lights blush trio. I am not sure if this kit is still sold, but I do know the Smashbox single blush formulas are just as good. Blush is great to add just a brush of mauve tone to the apples of the cheeks. and 3.Highlight. More Becca. The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in champagne pop is the most flattering color. Brushed on the highpoints of the face, the light color with peach undertones catches the light and illuminates the face in the best way possible.

Time for eyes. The most overwhelming part of my makeup collection. So much to look at. Such pretty packaging. Eye pallets draw me in for sure. The Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette is very user friendly and allows you to create both day and night looks with neautral shades. It blends effortlessly and comes with a dual ended brush for an extra addition to your collection!

download (5)

For me that was it! Those are the products and steps that I had and always reccomend for people when they first start their makeup journey. The bells and whistles came later. Mascara, eye liner ( both pencil and liquid), lip sticks. All of that comes into play. But these are the steps everyone should be able to complete when they start to do their makeup.

Should I do a part 2? any other steps you want reccomendations for?



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