Holy Grail of Hair Products?

” I wish my hair could feel like I just left the salon every day.” “Why is my hair always so dry?” “I wish my curls could be more defined and less frizzy!” These are questions that I used to ask myself ALL of the time. Not anymore. I now have the secret. The holy grail of hair products, the salon weapon.

A few months ago I was at the salon and my hairdresser ( whom I trust and love beyond words) told me she had a new product to use in my hair. From the moment she applied the shampoo The entire room smelt amazing! The smell continued into the conditioner and even followed us back to her chair and lingered through the styling process. More important than the smell, the products left my hair looking, feeling, cooperating and smelling like a dream. I left the salon that day with the Daily shampoo, conditioner and curvy creme in hand.

Oops I guess I should finally tell you what this magic brand is right?

Loma Hair Care is my hairs new best friend.  This high preforming, organic and essential oil based company creates tons of products for hair of all types. All of their products are  Paraben, Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Gluten and Soy free. They are also vegan friendly. And, of course,  NEVER test on animals! The Primary base for all of their products is Aloe Vera gel and let me tell you, my hair has never been healthier.

Their products are sold through Amazon and are also located inside a number of salons around the globe. Their website is FULL of information on all products as well as their company, founder, and story. Loma homepage

Before I move on to the review, I also want to talk about the company and their representatives. I am a BRAND NEW blogger, When I started my blog and platform I reached out to a few companies that I love and trust and let them know I was new to the scene. I wanted to start building relationships and getting my name out there and Loma was at the forefront of my list. I was not expecting much of anything; who would? I was this nobody in the beauty community. I was reaching for the stars hoping that at least one brand would respond…..Well Loma did. Their social media team responded to me and was inspired by my story. They believed in what I was doing, and were incredibly supportive and personable through each conversation. Not only did they use my story and thoughts as a testimonial on their page, but they also were amazingly kind enough to send me four new products to test out. So Thank you so much to Emily, and all of the other staff at Loma hair care.

Okay enough blabbing, lets get on to why you are here today. The review. I have three of IMG_0618.jpgthe four  products to talk about today, I have not had the chance to try my repairative tonic yet. when I started my blog I promised myself that no matter what, I would give my honest thoughts and opinions on each and every review. I will provide links to all of their amazon pages as well as  the Loma page for more information.

Loma Nourishing Shampoo: 12 oz. $18.00

Loma nourishing shampoo

purchase nourishing shampoo

This is the 2nd shampoo I have tried from the range and It has been my favorite so far. This formula is meant for dry thirsty hair and is infused with cranberry and pear aroma therapy. I have tight curls that often get dry and brittle at the ends and this has helped noticeably.

Loma Nourishing Conditioner: 12 oz.$20.83

Loma nourishing conidtioner

Purchase nourishing conditioner

I tried this conditioner about 3 times so far, and although it does what it says, and smells/feels great in the hair; I somehow still like my Daily conditioner a little better. Maybe is has to do with my curls? This conditioner definitely provides moisture and hydration, but I like the feel and look of my curls after using the daily conditioner. I bet people with straight hair would RAVE about this product and would really see a difference in the texture and dryness of their locks.

Loma Calming Creme: 8.45 oz $18

Loma Calming Creme

purchase calming creme

This leave in styling creme product is said to detangle, soften, and tame hair. Let me tell you, It does! I live in New England and our summers are HOT AND HUMID. This calming creme keeps my curls soft and frizz free all day. It also provides heat protection and for both thermal and flat iron hear.

I am going to insert a few photos of my hair while using these products. I hope this review helped and taught you a little bit about this brand and its message. Does anyone recommend any other Loma products? I would love to try more!


2 Replies to “Holy Grail of Hair Products?”

  1. Love this I just followed ya and I love your content! I never tried this brand sounds amazing! I as well have a beauty blog and a YouTube Channel it’s NicoleKristine ( all one word ) thanks for sharing love look forward to binge readyyour blog!!🤗💜


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