The power of a number *18 to 2.*

Raise your hand if you have gone shopping for jeans. Now keep your hand raised if you have had to look for the tiny number on the tag to be greater than the number 2. Is your hand still raised? chances are it is and chances are you have at some point or another felt bad about yourself for buying pants with the larger number on it. ” I can’t let anyone see that my jeatorridns have a double digit size.” “I have to walk all the way to the end of the rack just to find a pair that fit” These were the thoughts that ran through my size 18 head everytime I went shopping……Until I found Torrid….

Torrid is a plus size retailer that is full of Cute and Trendy Fashion for Sizes 10 – 30. Ranging in prices of $10-$100 there is something for every women on any budget. Plus it doesn’t hurt that there is always a sale right?! check them out at Torrid Website.

Torrid size 2 Romper

The tags that once said 18 now say 2. Before I go one, I will say this. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING A SIZE 18. In fact, I love my curves and would not trade them for the world. But in todays world, with social media, and beautiful people everywhere we look, those double digit sizes are not desired by many. The two on the tag is purly a mind game. It is a number that helps me realize that my size is beautiful. All through highschool each trip to the mall I took was limited. I struggled to find something that not only fit, but looked flattering. I could not go into any store and find the perfect match. Half of the time I could not enter a store without recieving the look of “why are you here?” and “good luck trying to find anything”…..Not anymore….Now there is a store where everyone is like me. Where I can be sure I will find something amazing. Where I can feel great about myself. No more shaking and wiggling a pair of jeans on. I have new ones that fit like a glove. No more stretching out the bottom IMG_0563of a shirt to go over my hips. I have new ones that drape over my body beautifuly. No more uniboob from a bra not being big enough. Victoria secret who? I have Intimates from Torrid that scream the word sexy.  To any girl that wants to feel good about her clothes and the number on the tag. I recomend going to check out torrid.

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