Meet the face behind the blog: 15 Facts about me.

As a new blogger in this community, I thought I would take just a minute and alow you to get to know me just a little better.

1. My name is Abigail Jenna Kane

2. I am 22 years old

3. I live in Massachusetts ( born and raised)

4. I am engaged to a wonderful Man and we have a sheppard lab mix named Fozzy

5.I am the oldest of two kids. I have a younger sister.

6. My birthday is in July ( summer babies for the win)

7.I currently teach “mommy and me” gymnastics classes for kids and I LOVE it.

8. I am the child of TWO terminally ill parents. My mom has cushings syndrom and my dad has stage 4 colon cancer.

9. I have LOVED makeup my whole life, but just got serious about it 2 years ago.

10. I am plus size and proud. ( yes I can finally say I am proud of it)

11. I know quite a bit of sign language.

12. I am a certified pre school teacher.

13. I left college after one year to take care of my parents.

14. The beach is my happy place.

15. in the past year, my makeup collection has grown from 10 products to over 180.Facetune_15-02-2018-18-54-18

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